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Domain Registration

Your Domain Name is Your Brand. Reserve it before it's too late


What is a Domain Name ?

The domain is your address in cyberspace. Everything has to have a name so we can uniquely identify it from the rest. Same goes for the domain name.

The normal format would be:, The domain name is actually the part without the “WWW”. Each domain name is unique and will be used by your clients, friends and other people to find your web site on the world wide web. Also this is an essential ingredients to receive emails too. For example is an email residing on the popular domain. the “yahoo” part is the actual domain name and the art before the “@” sign is in most cases the mailbox name. Together we call this an email address.

The Amazing Domain Checker

This is a state of the art device that magically tells you if the domain in your mind avilable or not. All you have to do is enter the domain you want in the text field below and click the check button and this amazing device will magically tell you if you can purchase that domain or not

Available TLDs

List of Top-Level Domains which can be registered through us


communication:commercial as in .com (the most known Internet TLD)


mostly used for network and internet related services sites


This domians are used by non profits organizations


purely to give out information on something or somewhat


There domains are strictly for business purposes


TLD assigned to Sri Lanka

You can fill out this domain registration form and pay online or pay using the bank deposit method. If you pay online we will instantly contact you regarding the registration and register the domain. For bank deposits we need confirmation of the payment by sending the deposit slip via MMS or by email to our email address. Also you can call us directly if you have any problems doing so.

We always register the domain name to our client’s name and you will be in control of your domain. We only put ourselves as the technical and billing aspect of the registration.

How much does it cost per year?

Single registration of the domain name for one year will cost you 1,550 LKR (~12 USD) per year. LK domain registrations are a bit expensive at 3,700 LKR (~35 USD) per year. On the next billing cycle the same amount will be charged again until you let your domain name expire.

Any other hidden fee?

No, not at all.

What if my domain name is already expired but can’t find a way to renew it?

This is usually caused by not renewing your domain name in time. We alert you before a months time that your domain renewal is due. You have 30 days or so to make the renewal payment and keep the things running smoothly. If you fail to make this payment in time the domain name goes to a period we call the redemption period. This procedure is not employed by us but by the ICAAN (The organization ultimately responsible for the domain names). In this period we have to pay a fee of 150 USD to re new it. If not after another 30 days the domain is released to the internet where anyone can register it again. It is risky to wait until this happen because lots of people are eying on registering expired domain names.

What is DNS?

Domain Name System. This is a service that stores, translates, and retrieves the numerical address equivalents of familiar host names that you use everyday (such as “”),

Our services lets to take full control over the DNS and can change it or ask us to change it for you if a need arises.

Do you offer transfers?

Yes, You can transfer to us or transfer from us. Most cases it is free of charge.

How can I pay?

You can pay directly by credit card after filling the contact form or request the domain by email and deposit to our bank.

Account Name: Maya Creations PVT LTD
Account Number: 1180038300
Branch: Commercial bank, Maharagama