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World is full of so many web development technologies. Every technology has its own characteristics to do certain contributions to the development process. These can be divided into two parts as front end technologies and back end technologies. In which the back-end technologies focus on server side processing or manage business logic and database layers. Back-end uses languages such as Java,

PHP, Python, Ruby, etc.

Here we are considering front end technologies which focus on visible part of website or web application. So it needs to have good looking interfaces with easy to perform, learn and interactive to users. Front end can be a considerable factor when it comes to business operations. Below are few points which effect to this business view.

  1. Usable interface leads to engagement of users
  2. How ease to perform the processes of the application or website leads to growth of the business through keeping users spend more time in the web site or application.
  3. Easy understanding of the interface results in fast operation so users are not confused and stressed  while doing tasks.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript are most popular basic front end technology tools and there are other advanced or improved technologies. Here are a few of them.

    • JavaScript frameworks
      • Angular Js, React Js
    • CSS Tools/ Frameworks
      • Bootstrap
      • SASS, LESS

However the back-end and front-end development technologies are growing and changing rapidly. Currently it has become much more popular and trending to use front-end technologies than back-end technologies. Both developers and users of web sites and applications are attracted to these front-end visuals and functions.

Some of the causes for this are listed below.

  1. Reusable components or elements.
    • It helps to faster the development process by reusing pre-build segments.
  2. Real Time updating without refresh pages.
    • This is a feature which both developers and users advantage. Because it is boring to stay till pages load, takes time to refresh and even it slows the activities. So this real time feature is much effective to improvement. As an example, Reactjs has this feature.
  3. Responsive presentation.
    • Modern front-end frameworks include features for displaying interfaces correctly according to the users device.
  4. Security
    • Frameworks of front-end provides code security also.
  5. Front-end to Back-end
    • Now there are front-end technologies which are used to perform back-end tasks also. Node Js is an example for those.

There are few disadvantages like increase code complexity, new version update issues and lack of knowledge for back-end configuration of front-end technologies.

Anyway these technologies has become much more popular now. But there is  a debate In development community that which is most popular or which will be more effective and important for the future of web development.

Yasasmin Sudara

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