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I started my career at maya as a web developer, after 1 and a half years I have moved in to Quality assurance.

While I was working as a QA and completing my tasks I was fortunate to recognized for my managerial skills by the top management of maya. It was where I got the opportunity to promote as an assistant project manager.

Ever since I got the chance to be around the project manager and to observe how he was performing with the clients, project tasks and even with our crew. As the Assistant. Project Manager I was assigned to attend the meetings which Project manager arranged with the clients. My main task was to identify the clients requirements and note it down for further analysis.

While I work the routing for few months PM assigned me a task to submit a technical document by analyzing a client requirement I had noted down for a project. I had to work together with the team, analyse and explain the requirement to them, consider their feedback and finally to create a proper technical document that could be executed.

I was able to impress the PM with my work and I was given a project of a warehouse system to be completed under my supervision as the assistant Project manager.

These are the tasks that I need to do,

  • Gather requirements at the initial meeting
  • Get across the requirements to our team
  • Creating sitemap and designing ER diagram
  • Creating detail requirement document using google Document
  • Finalizing the budget and requirements with client
  • Mockups and initials designs
  • Clients feedback
  • Development
  • Quality assurance
  • Launch the system
  • Maintenance

Likewise I have completed so many projects in the past 5 years of my career as a project manager and I am so pleased about it. Lot more to come..

When a person is willing to develop the skills he got rather than doing what he happened to do, it definitely leads him to a far more better position in his career as well as in his life.

Dhanushka Prasad

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  1. The destiny of hard work is always success. You have done hard work and got succeed. Congratulations on your success.

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